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Natural Remedies for Dry & Itchy Scalp

  By posted Jul 7th 2014
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Natural Remedies for Dry & Itchy Scalp


Dietary deficiencies like loss of water and paucity of essential nutrients can cause dry and itchy scalp. Similar is the case with excessive use of hair products, stress levels and of course environmental factors like monsoons or harsh sunlight. Regardless of all the causes, dry or itchy scalp may not necessarily be treated with only over-the-counter medications The oils secreted by the body can itself offer tender loving care to your tresses, the need of the hour is to munch on healthy foods and use the right hair products. We list our home remedies that can serve the purpose and promise you a healthy and itch-free scalp.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E helps in retaining the body's natural oil levels. Poor diets or unhealthy foods can either lead to overproduction or underproduction of oil. Instead of popping supplements, try natural sources of vitamin E to enhance the quality of your hair and fight itchy scalp. Almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame, spinach, coconut oil, hazelnut, olive oil, safflower oil, olive, papaya and broccoli are rich in Vitamin E. They aid in neutralising the pH level of the scalp, decrease dryness and accelerate blood circulation.

Jojoba oil

Another natural way to treat itchy scalp is jojoba oil. Jojoba oil a similar molecular structure to sebum (natural scalp oil) and thus is works as a natural moisturiser for your dry scalp. Jojoba oil should be applied mainly to the ends to make it softer. Mix olive oil, jojoba oil and apply this on the scalp. Leave this on for two hours and then wash your hair. This home remedy can work wonders with dry locks and itchy scalps.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Over usage of hair serums, stylers, hot irons, leave-in conditioners can leave your scalp dry and itchy; using a natural bacteria-fighting compound like apple cider vinegar will clear the fungus and bacteria in on the scalp. Apple cider vinegar also acts as an astringent on your hair to control the excess oil on your scalp. Take about ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar, dilute it with about a litre of water and pour it into a spray bottle. Apply this solution on your scalp sparingly and leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off.


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