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Health Benefits of Female Masturbation

  By posted Dec 11th 2013
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Unlike male masturbation, female masturbation is not much of a talked about subject. Women also have sexual needs and need to masturbate to relieve these needs. But the truth is that most women either don’t masturbate or deny doing it. Women need to know that masturbation is not just a pleasure seeking act but also has several health benefits. In this article, we highlight some health benefits of female masturbation.

Cervical health
We’ve heard that masturbation helps lower prostate cancer risk in men; in the same way female masturbation has been linked to cervical health. When the cervix opens up during an orgasm it is called tenting. Tenting stretches and pulls cervical mucus which increases in volume and acidity. When the fluid moves from the cervix to the vagina, it lubricates it and flushes out any unfriendly bacteria that could otherwise cause infection.

Relieves stress
Another benefit of female masturbation is that it helps relieve stress and tension. Think about it, you give yourself some special time and forget about other pressures for a little while. Apart from that there are studies that say that the chemical released during an orgasm can help beat depression, thereby lowering stress.

Strengthens vaginal muscles
Female masturbation works out your pelvic region. Your uterus contracts and lifts all throughout the act, thus strengthening the vaginal muscle area.

Helps you sleep
Masturbation can help you fight insomnia naturally. During masturbation the feel-good hormone, dopamine is released and after an orgasm another calming hormone, oxytocin is released along with endorphins, which can help you sleep better.

Enhances mood
Masturbation is a pleasure mechanism, which enhances the mood. The hormones, dopamine and epinephrine that are released during and after climax are natural mood booster and can make you feel better after it.

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