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Baby Care: How to Relieve Painful Teething Symptoms

  By posted Mar 25th 2014
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teething in infants


Teething in infants begins anywhere between the sixth to twelfth month. These teeth are the baby’s milk teeth or what are more commonly known as the primary teeth. This teething process will continue right from the sixth month until the time the baby is three years old. This process is usually accompanied with a lot of pain and other unpleasant symptoms causing the baby discomfort. To ease these painful teething symptoms, use these safe pain relief remedies.

Use ice
Using ice is one of the simplest remedy to ease teething pain. Ice when applied to the tender gums of the teething toddler acts as an anaesthetiser to soothe the pain. You can gently rub regular ice cubes against the baby’s gums or you could freeze natural fruit juice in ice trays and then use them. 

Cloves to relieve aches
Cloves have always been associated with soothing tooth aches and pain. Use some clove oil diluted with water on your baby’s gums to ease the pain.

Apply pressure to the gums
You can use your finger to apply some pressure on the baby’s gum line. This will act as a counter pressure against the new teeth and will create a soothing effect. You can also give the baby a peeled raw carrot from the fridge so that he/she can chew on it and apply pressure to the exact spot that’s hurting them. But make sure that you are around the baby when you do so to avoid any mishaps.

Teething toys

Many parents find that a teething toy helps relieve the infant of the pain during this phase. There are a number of teething toys available at the stores these days. You can choose among a wide variety of teething toys and teething rings but make sure the toy you pick up is made from natural materials and does not have any breakable parts.


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