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10 Things to Avoid This Monsoon

  By posted Jul 17th 2011
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10 Things To Avoid This Monsoon

Just a month into the monsoon, we've already been reminded of its share of diseases, ailments and constraints. Monsoons call for special care whether it is taking care of your skin, hair or dietary needs. With bacterias and viruses lurking in the air along with water-borne diseases, it is best to avoid these 10 things this monsoon.

1. Avoid drinking water right from the tap. Make sure you boiling your water or rely on a good water-purifying system for your daily needs. This will keep you away from seasonal infections.

2. Avoid wearing body-hugging and tight clothes. Wear slightly loose-fitted clothes which are skin-friendly.

3. Avoid consuming fruits and veggies without washing them thoroughly. In order to stay away from bloating, avoid deep fried, heavy and salty food items. 

4. Avoid wearing heavy make up in monsoons. Maintain your natural charm and glow and go for water-proof make up products. Also, make sure that you are storing your make up products hygienically in a cool and dry place.

5. Avoid skipping the sunscreen as the sun might play hide and seek in between the rains. This will help you in staying away from ultraviolet rays. Go for SPF 30 as it works best for Indian skin tone.

6. Avoid getting drenched in the rain as it can lead to fungal infections easily.

7. Avoid using cream based products on your skin as the humidity in the air will only leave your skin irritated and oily. 

8. Avoid allergies through preventive medication. Don't take coughs, colds and sneezing lightly.

9. Avoid driving long distances as the maximum number of accidents occur in the monsoon season due to blurred vision and slippery roads. Make sure you have a spare tyre in your car and if possible, get anti-rust coating and teflon covering done.

10. Avoid using harsh soaps and astringents which can dry your skin in the monsoon season. 

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