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Women Can Lift Heavy Weights

  By posted Mar 25th 2011
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Women Can Lift Heavy Weights

Here’s some news for you. Men and women belong to the same species. We are all Homo sapiens with the same physiological make-up especially when it comes to strength training.  Of course there are some differences, women are from Venus after all, but the notion that women are not meant to lift heavy is preposterous, not to mention, downright absurd. Many trainers and gyms will ask women to do more cardio and maybe some light weights but that is not the formula for weight loss and a strong lean body in the long run. Lifting weights and strength training along with cardio is a much better weight loss plan.

‘But I don’t want to get big and bulky.’

Well, guess what? You won’t. It is a frightening prospect, no doubt. No one wants to look like bodybuilders in every day, regular life. But the good news is that women just do not produce enough natural testosterone to get that big. In order for a woman to get big and bulky she will have to really tank up on those steroids. Men produce enough testosterone naturally and even then, most men have a hard time building a bunch of muscle, so women don’t need to worry on that account. 

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As long as men and women have the same goals of developing functional strength, promoting lean body mass over adipose tissue, and improving health, both men and women should work out the same way. Both are equally well suited to lifting heavy, hard, and with great intensity. Hormonal differences and diet will alter how this lifting program affects you, but the end result is the same: An increased strength to body weight ratio, which is vital for true health and fitness. You’ll increase musculature, but it’s not going to be superficial, bloated muscle. It’s going to be muscle that makes sense, fat-burning muscle to be precise. After all, you’re just providing your body with the right kind of movements necessary for achieving your true fitness potential.

Eventually it all boils down to what makes you feel better. And working out the way you really should and doing what is right for your body, is definitely a step in the right direction.




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