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Starting a Home Workout [Video]

  By Sasha Gusain  posted Feb 26th 2011 at 1:57PM IN | Avg Rating
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Starting a Home Workout

Home workouts are a great option for you if you’re trying to lose weight but haven’t made it to the gym more than twice this year. Not only will home workouts be easy to follow since they don’t involve any commuting, changing, or other preparations, but they will also encourage you to make health and fitness a big part of your home life. Here are some pointers for starting home workouts today with a home workout video to get you started…

Before you begin your home workout consider this:



  1. If you’re completely new to exercising, then we suggest you consult a fitness professional – a trainer at the very least, to select a new workout programme. 
  2. For beginners again – have the trainer take you through a demo session for each exercise on the workout routine so that you learn the correct form and method per exercise.
  3. However, if you’re someone who’s already familiar with workout routines and exercises, you’ll be able to pick out the right exercises and mixes. Your focus will be on progress and improvement. 
  4. Avoid plateaus – like any other workout, a home workout will also become less of a challenge after a month or two of daily practise. Be your own trainer, and challenge yourself by increasing reps, sets, introducing advanced exercises, etc. But remember to consult a trainer again before taking on something too challenging.
  5. Remember to hydrate – everyone remembers to carry water bottles to the gym, but very few remember to follow this practise even at home for home workouts. Keep a water bottle next to you.
  6. Don’t forget the music – home workouts can be tedious because you’re working out by yourself, so make it fun. Listen to your favourite music. Several studies suggest that the right music (tempo that matches exercise intensity) is a great motivator.

Invest in these basics to make your home workouts even better:

  1. A good workout mat – most body weight exercises require floor work and it always helps to have a good mat for extra floor grip and cushioning. Most fitness and sports stores sell exercise mats. A good basic mat will cost you anything from Rs.300 to Rs.2000 depending on what brand and size you buy.
  2. A good pair of high-impact shoes – Most home workouts involve spot running, skipping, jumping jacks, jumps and other high impact spot cardio movements due to lack of space or treadmills for running. And since you’ll be doing these exercises at home, you’re jumping and spot sprinting on a tiled concrete floor, something that can hurt your ankles, shins and knees if you’re wearing incorrect footwear. So pick a good pair of well cushioned shoes.
  3. A couple of good workout towels – nothing’s grosser (and more painful) than slipping on your own sweat on a slippery tiled floor. Keep yourself dry. 
  4. Skipping rope – Won’t hurt to buy one and keep it for cardio skipping.
  5. A couple of dumbbells – Consult a trainer about what weights to pick. These aren’t absolute musts, but they will enhance your home workouts, so they’re not a bad idea.

And now, without further adieu, here’s a great home workout from Sparkpeople’s Coach Nicole that’ll help you get started with your very own personal fitness routine…

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