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SFL Fighter Jason Solomon on Mixed Martial Arts, Workouts & Being a Pro-Fighter

  By Sobiya N. Moghul  posted Jun 15th 2013 at 7:30AM IN | Avg Rating
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SFL Fighter Jason Solomon on Mixed Martial Arts, Daily Workouts and Being a Pro-fighter



Jason Solomon loves to fight, here fighting refers to being a professional wrestler. Right from the age of 13, Jason programmed himself to the role he always wished to play i.e. to become a pro-fighter!

How did you become a fighter? 

I became a MMA fighter because it is something I have always wanted to do. As a child I remember watching Kung Fu movies and then replicating the fight sequence pretending to be the hero. I started training in Marshall Arts when I was about 13. As I grew older I kept developing my skills with the end goal being to become a pro-fighter.


How does a fighter’s day begin, tell us about the workout or physical exercises you do in a day

I start my day with a healthy-hearty breakfast and my supplements. I wake up at 7am every morning. My breakfast starts with a whey protein shake, creatine, glutamine and a multi-vitamin. I have one bowl of oatmeal and four eggs two hours before my workout. My first workout starts at 9 pm. It’s a two hour long session consisting of Marshall Arts training focusing on my punching and kicking along with intense cardio conditioning. 

After my workout it’s very important to cool down and stretch out. I take my supplements to help my body heal and recover; I consume a protein shake along with creatine and glutamine. I eat my lunch after an hour (post first workout). Lunch consists of one bowl of brown rice, approximately 100-150 grams of chicken, mutton or beef and one serving of a fresh garden salad. Let's not forget water I drink about 8-10 litres of water every day.


After lunch I rest and relax. If I'm really tired I will take a nap. Approximately two hours before my second workout I have a high carb snack to give me the extra energy I need for my workout. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a banana and glass of chocolate milk usually does the trick for me.

The second workout is more focused on wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques. At the end of the session we "roll" which is a form of sparring with a partner, trying to use the techniques we have just learnt. Rolling is a very intense workout, it uses every muscle in your body, and it’s great for strength and conditioning and helps a fighter to use the skill he/she has learnt in real fight situation.


Approximately one hour after the workout I have dinner. Dinner is 1/2 bowl of brown rice, 200-250 grams of chicken mutton or beef along with a salad. Eating less carbs n more protein at night is important to maintaining muscle mass and keeping body fat low. 


Approximately 1 hour before I go to bed I have another protein shake to help my muscles recover and heal, as I sleep. Bed time should be no later than 11 pm. Sleep is very important. It help repair muscle. That's the day in my life when I'm getting ready for a fight.


Are supplements good in the long run?

I do recommend supplements according to your level of workout. Certain programs require more supplements than others. Also it is very important to give your body a break not only for supplements but also from intense exercise. Generally, I take a few weeks off between each fight just so my body can recover and rest. Also this is when I can go back to normal life and enjoy all the hard work and effort I have put in. No point training so hard and making so many sacrifices if I cannot enjoy my victory!


How do you fight the temptation of eating junk or ghee laden food when you are travelling for tournaments?

It’s simple! I make sure I always have a healthy snack with me everywhere I go. You can get protein bars and health bars at almost any nutrition store. Also I know that proper nutrition is the key to my victory and I don't like to lose. To be more specific I don't want to get beaten up!

SFL Fighter Jason Solomon on Mixed Martial Arts, Daily Workouts and Being a Pro-fighter



What is going in your mind when you are fighting?

During my fight I block out everything. I am living in the moment. I have trained for this moment for the last few weeks or months depending on the level of competition. If you are prepared you don't have to think, you just react. My body has been programmed to act and respond a certain way and with the help of good coaches you react the right way and let your subconscious take over. Most of the fight is all mental. If you can program your brain and body correctly anyone can become a great fighter.


Are wrestlers are hot minded all the time?

All good fighters know that the only way to fight is with a cool level head. If you fight angry you are not going to win. Anger drains your energy and makes you make mistakes. Actually all the fighters I know are very cool chilled out people. And the discipline and training we get actually drains us of all negative energy such as anger and turns it into positive energy. Ask anyone if they are pissed off or upset to go workout and see if they don't feel better or a little less stressed then before. Working out and intense exercise is a great stress release.

Can wrestling be taken up as a full time profession? Is it economically a good decision?

It is very difficult to have a full time profession and be a fighter. Actually being a fighter is a profession in its self. Hence the term professional athlete. The amount of time and energy required to be a pro-fighter is double or triple the amount of that needed  by someone who holds a regular job. So the answer is no, especially if you want to win. And it’s the winner that is making the big bucks. The more time and energy you put in, the more you will win, the more money you will make.


What do you think about match fixing, doping and irregularities rampant in sports arena, how can one keep themselves immune to such culture.

Corruption is everywhere. I do not condone it nor do I support it. Pro-athletes are just regular people. And no one is perfect everyone makes mistakes. Greed manages to get worst out of people. Fortunately for me I have never been asked to fix a fight or to take supplements that are not allowed by sports authorities. I feel the best way to avoid such activities is to surround yourself with a good team who share the same view and I feel here at the super fight league I have done just that.


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