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Groove to the Beat of Bollywood Aerobics

  By posted May 25th 2012
Diet & Fitness
groove to the beat of bollywood aerobics

Most of us love dancing. And most of us are trying to get fit (or even fitter!). Put the two together and you get the perfect workout that none of us will mind stepping out for everyday - a dance workout! Let's add more muscle to the equation - what if we told you that you could groove at the speed of 140 beats per minute, losing anything between 350 to 500 calories per session? Would that be motivation enough? We think so. Enter the globally popular - Bollyfit dance routine or fitness dancing. It involves kickboxing, body toning and conditioning, stretching and breathing - all the ingredients needed for a moderate intensity workout! We had a word with Reema Sarin, a leading Bollyfit dancer who conceptualized the term ‘Bollywood Aerobics’. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Can you give us a step-by-step description of a bollywood aerobics class?
The Bollyfit Training Workout Program has a seven step approach to achieving and maintaining optimum fitness level and a healthy life. They are:

  • Stretching and fitness dance warm-up. 
  • The Bollyfit Fitness Dance Choreography (Cardio Workout – mix of high and low impact moves).
  • Fitness dance cool down exercises.
  • Strength training exercises for arms, legs, and waist.
  • Full Floor workout – Calesthenics or Body Toning exercises (ABT - Abdominals, Buttocks & Thighs).
  • Stretching exercises.
  • Basic fitness lifestyle tips.

How many calories does one burn in a typical bollywood aerobics class?
Bollyfit is a sure shot calorie burner. In a beginner’s class the calorie burn ranges from 200 – 400, in an intermediate class – 300 – 500 calories and in an advanced class – 500 calories onwards.

Is this workout enough to replace my daily cardio session?
Absolutely. The exercises are carefully incorporated in dance moves which are good enough to treat each and every muscle of one’s body leading to an overall full-body workout. This workout also helps in providing enough strength to your muscles so that you remain energetic all through the day. It is a great workout for people looking forward to get a kickstart to their fitness regimens. In intermediate levels, we also include cardio kickboxing and martial arts movements all to the beat of pepped up bollywood music.

Which body parts it target? 
Bollyfit is a great exercise if you are looking to tone your abs, buttocks, back and thighs. It is a superb lower body conditioning workout and increases flexibility by toning your body. 

It is generally seen that fitness trends may change at the speed of lightening. How promising is this routine?
All I can say is that, Bollyfit is a huge success in India and is gaining recognition abroad as well. In a way it has taken fitness dancing to a new level. Conceptualized by me, I have been teaching this fitness routine from the last 6 years and can say that if you become a part of it once, you don’t get bored of it, unlike other workouts. It is surely here to stay!

*Image courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty Images  


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