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Winner Annnouncement for The Valentine’s Day Contest

  By Sobiya N. Moghul  posted Feb 19th 2013 at 2:28PM IN | Avg Rating


Winner Annnouncement for The Valentine’s Day Contest


The Valentine’s Day Contest ended today and we have an announcement!  After entering your comments into the lucky draw, we’ve (literally) handpicked the winners, and they are Sapna Panjwani, Sunita Mehta, Puneet Kumar and Prerna Arora !

Sunita Mehta, Niti Vakilwala, Puneet Kumar and Prerna Arora  had tough competition from other enthusiastic romantic participants. We were impressed by healthy date ideas readers planned with their loved ones.Thank you, to all our readers, for stepping up and sharing your thoughts and fitness ideas

Sunita Mehta, Niti Vakilwala, Puneet Kumar and Prerna Arora win  Premium Spa Vouchers worth Rs. 26,000 from Rudra.


Winner Annnouncement for The Valentine’s Day Contest

Stay tuned for more contests and exciting prizes on HealthMeUp.com. Hint: The next contest is about to begin in 10...9...8...

The winner must claim the prize by mailing an address to sobiya@healthmeup.com. If we do not receive an email by 19  March , the prize will be considered forfeited.


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