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Rajesh Khanna: Superstar Rajesh Khanna Succumbs to Liver Infection

  By posted Jul 20th 2012



Rajesh Khanna, superstar and legend, passed away at his bungalow in Mumbai, along side his estranged wife Dimple Kapadia. Not only was he a great actor for his own generation, but he was also revered as a legend for several younger generations. Evidence of his stardom lies outside his bungalow, Aashirwad on Carter road, when people of different age groups and classes lined the road of the funeral procession as soon as news about his demise spread through the news channels on 18th July. It was a shocking turn of events, recently, when pictures of a frail actor emerged in the media. Followed by reports that Rajesh Khanna was in and out of the hospital; apparently a doctor visited this ailing star on a daily basis. But what really caused the downfall that claimed Rajesh Khanna in the end?

Loneliness clubbed with alcoholism created a rift in the family. He lived separately and alone in Aashirwad, and very few people saw the charming actor. Isolation and seclusion may be a momentary good for city dwellers with stressful jobs, but in the long run you need to surround yourself with people who love you and you are comfortable talking with.

The real cause of his illness is not yet clear. Reports claim that Rajesh Khanna suffered complications of the kidney and was on and off the ventilator. It is also claimed that he stopped eating. Some reports suggest that Rajesh Khanna fought a lonely battle against cancer, while most others claim that he suffered from liver infection and this could be the cause of his death.

To give you an idea about liver infection, here's a quick guide to the disease: Liver failure is a slow process; the liver deteriorates over a long period of time. The most common reasons for liver damage are Hepatitis, excess alcohol consumption, malnutrition and cirrhosis. Therefore, to avoid liver damage, one should drink in moderation, get vaccinated for Hepatitis, and eat a well balanced diet.

*Image courtesy Reuters




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