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Emergency Helplines For Diwali

  By posted Nov 13th 2012


Emergency Helpline Numbers for Diwali


This Diwali be vigilant and aware about your surroundings amongst the festivities and use these helplines in case of any emergencies...

  • Dial 100 to call the Police.
  • Dial 101 for Fire Brigade
  • Dial 108 Mumbai Helpline for emergencies
  • Dial 1298/102 for emergency ambulance service in Mumbai
  • Dial 1099 for ambulance service in Delhi
  • Dial 26864851, 26588500, 26588700, 26589900 (AIIMS) for medical emergencies in Delhi
  • Dial 1910 for Blood Banks
  • Indian Red Cross Society for Blood bank & Transfusion Services 22663560
  • Dial 1098 for Children Helpline
  • Dial 1916 for General Complaints
  • Dial 1029 for Women helpline
  • Distress women’s help lines, Women’s Center 26140403
  • Dial 1091/1291 for senior citizens helplines
  • Or Dignity Donor Privilege Program 613811111
  • Mumbai Police Helplines for Molestation: 103 / 1090 / 7738133133 / 7738144144
  • Anti- stalking cell- 1096, Ph: 27894455 SMS: 9911135446
  • Dial 1090 for Information about crime


For animal care

  • Karuna – First Aid Helpline for Birds and Animals 26701413 / 26250291
  • Delhi Paws-(91)-11-26895737
  • Welfare for Stray Dogs (WSD)- 022- 64222838
  • In Defense for Animals- 9320056581
  • SPCA  (Mumbai)- 0222 4137518
  • Humane Society International India-080-4931-1223

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