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Sophia Yasmin - Weight Loss Consultant -   

Sophia Yasmin

Master Fitness Trainer Sophia Yasmin has over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry worldwide. Sophia has developed a reputation among fitness enthusiasts in London, Melbourne, Singapore and now India as a high-energy and challenging instructor.

Sophia Yasmin has received training from the YMCA Fitness Industry Training, Les Mills International and the Pilates Institute in the UK.  She has also trained with the Australian Fitness Network in Melbourne.  Sophia holds two degrees, one from the University of London and one from the University of Melbourne; and her specialty is... more

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Hi mam Good Evening I am 27 year old girl, my weight is 68 , my stomach and all part is very big how to reduce in natural way.. I am in hostel so food is not good.. please advice me which food is to help me. REPORT

By: Senthil Kumar 26 Nov, 2012


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