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Arnav Sarkar

Arnav is a strength and conditioning trainer based in Kolkata. His style of training depends on simplicity and sensibility over fad and short term methods. He has trained a variety of clients from competitive body builders to busy business persons.

He has the experience of helping and designing programs for people with highly varied goals and different time constraints. He shares useful training and diet information through various publications - offline and online. He is also one of the very few Indian trainers who contribute regularly to top global websites like www.bodybuilding.com,... more

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hello my age is 31 female ht.170cm.how much should i weigh.

By: Yalamanchili Soujanya 25 Nov, 2011


According to the standard BMI calculations you should weight between 54 – 72 kgs. In my opinion though unless you have a very heavy or a very light bone structure, you should weight about 60-65 kgs.


Hi Arnav, I m 22, n 5.9 my wt was 64 in july but after sitting at home and studyng i hv gained 4 kgs, my problem is not the wt gain bt my waist, its popping out my jeans and feel awkward abt it. plz suggest me a diet and some excercise i wud possibly do at hme. i schedule is vry bzy............ thnx

By: Anonymous 21 Nov, 2011


Hi there. At your young age of 22, a fat loss of 4 kgs will not be a big problem. First get rid of all the empty and junk calories that you may have got used to in the last few months. Besides that cut down on your intake of sweet, refined and deep fried foods and increase your intake of fruits, raw or boiled vegetables. Here is a good diet to follow:

Breakfast- oats, banana, almonds or walnuts, 1 whole egg
Lunch- 1-2 roti, lean meat or dal, raw or boiled veggies
Evening snack- nuts, apple and green tea
Dinner- 1-2 roti, fish or paneer, raw or boiled veggies

For exercise you can follow the bodyweight workouts mentioned in this article- (http://healthmeup.com/news-diet-fitness/bodyweight-workouts-for-fat-loss/4265). Along with this throw in some rope jumping or shadow kickboxing and you are set.


Hi Arnav, I am 34 years old boy, 5.7 feet but weighs about 84 kgs, I have a lifestyle which is mostly stationary as I have an institue and a net cafe. I would like to know my diet and exersices ifany to reduce my weight . I have a bulky abdominal area Waist size is 42

By: Anonymous 14 Nov, 2011


Hi there. To begin with you need to get more active, and exercise atleast 5 times a week. You can start with basic bodyweight training which can be done anywhere and does not take long. You will find some good routines in the following link-http://healthmeup.com/news-diet-fitness/bodyweight-workouts-for-fat-loss/4265.

As far as diet is concerned, start by first getting rid of all the junk, gravies, refined and sweet food items in your diet. Here is a food plan that you can follow:

Breakfast- 50 gm oats, 1 banana, 10-20 almonds, 1 egg
Lunch- 1-2 roti, 100 gm lean meat or dal, raw or boiled veggies
Dinner- 1-2 roti, 100 gm fish or paneer, raw or boiled veggies

You can snack on some nuts, fruits and green tea in the evening.


Hi Arnav, I am aswit from Pune. I am a software professional. As you must be knowing that its a sitting job. My height is 5"7 and weight is 78 Kg. I go to gym, but there is no proper training. I want to loose weight. From last three month, I have observed that instead of getting thin, I am getting fat specially upper part of my body is getting more fat. I start with cardio and after 30 mins of cardio I go for some weight exercise and abs exercise. Again I used to do cardio for 15 mins. Total I spend about 2 hrs in gym exercising. but I an not seeing any benefit.I am desperate to looses weight. I suppose my diet plan is very wrong.Kindly suggest me proper exercise schedule in gym with diet which I can follow easily as I am a vegetarian. I can go to gym 4 days a week. Thanks in advance

By: Ashvit Khanna 13 Nov, 2011


Hi Ashvit. As you have correctly guessed it that diet is the main reason you are failing to lose the fat. Maybe your diet is too low in protein, and/or too high in refined carbs. Here is a good veg diet that you can follow to start losing weight:

Breakfast- 20 gms almonds, 50 gms oats, 1 apple,
Lunch- 100 gms dal (make it like a soup instead of a thick, oily gravy), 1 roti, 100-200 gms curd
Snack- 1 slice bread with cheese, nuts, green tea (no added sugar)
Dinner- 1-2 rotis, 100 gms paneer (grilled or boiled), raw or boiled vegetables (preferably green)

As far as the exercise in concerned, you seem to be doing very low intensity training, which is failing to create a metabolic increase in your body. You need intense training to hit your body hard to start burning fat! Do the routine mentioned in this article- http://www.sarkartraining.net/2011/09/10-reasons-why-you-must-lift-weights-to.html. The key is to lift heavy and push hard. Heavy lifting will not allow for a lot of sets to be done, thus your total work volume will be around 20 or lesser sets. On any 2 of the weight training days when you finish with the weights hit the treadmill for some sprints. After a warm up, sprint as hard as you can for 20 seconds and then go slow for 1 minute. Repeat this for another 7-9 rounds. On another day in the week jump rope or kickbox (http://healthmeup.com/news-weight-loss/kick-goodbye-to-body-fat/4999) for 15-20 minutes to burn more calories. Remember the key is to go hard and keep progressing in your lifts, and speed. Besides the gym workouts do try to get more activity by going for brisk walks, play sports on the weekends, etc.


Hi Arnav, I am 31 years and have fractured my back ( L2). i train with the help of the gym ball and also walk for an hour on the treadmill with a gradient of 6.5% and speed between 6-6.5. Please do let me know as to how i could strengthen my back bone. I have also gained weight during the 8 months because i was on Painkillers(3 times a day).thanks

By: Divya Venkatesh 10 Nov, 2011


Hi Divya. Sorry to hear about your injury. It is essential that whatever activity you do, you must have your doctor’s approval before you do it, so that you do not further hurt your back. Some amount of moderate strength training will surely help you to strengthen your core. Preferably avoid weighted exercises in the bentover position, and squats with weights on your back. Some further exercises like the cat/camel stretch, floor hyperextensions will help to strengthen your back. As far as the weight gain is concerned, I am sure that once you add more intense training like weights, brisk walks, etc you will see the weight come off. As long as you keep progressing in your workouts you should continue to see the weight come off.


Hello Sir, I am a 21yr old boy.My body structure is very thin.I want to gain some weight. Suggest me what should i do?

By: Rahul Gupta 08 Nov, 2011


Hi Rahul. No worries, all you got to do is eat more and lift heavy. Start by adding more healthy carbs like rotis, daliya, bananas, etc in your diet. Along with that increase your healthy fat consumption via more nuts, ghee, butter, etc. And finally do not forget lots of high quality protein from dal, paneer, meat, fish, etc. As far as exercises are concerned you can follow the workouts mentioned in these 2 articles –
(http://www.sarkartraining.net/2011/09/simplifying-mass-and-strength-training.html), (http://www.sarkartraining.net/2011/08/natural-bodybuilding-for-regular-guys.html)


how do i reduce my abdominal fat?

By: Anonymous 06 Nov, 2011


Abdominal fat will require frequent activity and a reduced calorie intake to get rid off. Start by first eliminating all the junk and useless calories in your diet from foods like chips, beer, pastries, sweets, etc, and add more green veggies, pulses, fish, fruits, etc to your diet. Along with that start exercising at least 5 days a week, and make atleast 2 of them strength training workouts.


hi, arnav, I am 31 year old, M , 5.3ft,, with 65Kg. with bulky size, please suggest me exercise and diet plan so as to redice weight. Thanks somnath

By: Somnath Dalvi 06 Nov, 2011


Hi Somnath. You are not terribly overweight, so there is not much need for a lot of weight cutting. Focus on firming up and getting lean. For your diet, firstly get rid of all the junk, gravies, refined and sweet food items in your diet. Here is a food plan that you can follow:

Breakfast- oats, banana, almonds, 1 egg
Lunch- 1-2 roti, lean meat or dal, raw or boiled veggies
Dinner- 1-2 roti, fish or paneer, raw or boiled veggies

You can snack on some nuts, curd, and fruit. For exercise, start by working out atleast 5 days a week. Make atleast 2 and preferably 3 of those strength training workouts, where you do 3-4 sets of push ups, lunges, dumbbell rows, squats, and an ab exercise like the reverse crunches. On the other days jump rope or sprint to burn more calories.


I am a 24 yr old guy,I have a medium height but I am a bit underweight and even after eating quality foods I have not been able to have a healthy body or atleast average body,how do I develop a healthy body? what kind of diet & excercise(which i dont do) should I follow?

By: Anonymous 01 Nov, 2011


Hi there. Since you mentioned that you have been eating quality food without results, I would guess that you might be falling short on the required amount. Assuming that your goal is weight gain, I would suggest that you increase your consumption of healthy fats like butter, ghee, red meat, nuts, etc along with an increase in healthy carbs like rotis, bananas, dal, etc. These foods will help you to add weight as far as your protein intake is good. Start with the amount that you can digest and gradually increase the amount till you start gaining weight.

As far as exercise is concerned, basic heavy weight training will do you good. Check out these two articles for suitable training routines- (http://www.sarkartraining.net/2011/09/simplifying-mass-and-strength-training.html), (http://www.sarkartraining.net/2011/08/natural-bodybuilding-for-regular-guys.html)


can i work out on alternative days want to work out at home pls suggest proper ex for me i am about 83 kg

By: syed_cres 21 Oct, 2011


Hi Syed. Yes, working out on alternate days is a great way to go as it will allow you to hit your muscles once they have recovered from the previous workout. You can workout at home with either weights or bodyweight. You will find some good bodyweight workouts in this link- http://healthmeup.com/news-diet-fitness/bodyweight-workouts-for-fat-loss/4265


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