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Arnav Sarkar

Arnav is a strength and conditioning trainer based in Kolkata. His style of training depends on simplicity and sensibility over fad and short term methods. He has trained a variety of clients from competitive body builders to busy business persons.

He has the experience of helping and designing programs for people with highly varied goals and different time constraints. He shares useful training and diet information through various publications - offline and online. He is also one of the very few Indian trainers who contribute regularly to top global websites like www.bodybuilding.com,... more

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hi arnav sir im 20 year old teenager of 42kgs only i want to gain weight by using endura mass weight gain powder so wat do u say wheter it is safe or not and u suggest me anything for my weight gain please........ Thankx

By: Anonymous 18 Dec, 2011


Hi there. To gain weight, first you need to get a great nutritional program in place before you go for any supplements. Eat a lot of food to be able to see weight gain. Check out the following link to get a list of 30 awesome muscle building foods- http://www.sarkartraining.net/2011/11/30-best-muscle-building-foods.html. Here is a good sample diet to give you an idea as to how you should setup your daily diet:

Breakfast-oats, milk, almonds, bananas
Lunch- brown rice (add ghee to it), chicken,
Evening snack- peanut butter sandwich or baked potato and whole eggs
Dinner- pasta/rotis, red meat, paneer (cottage cheese), boiled veggies

The key is to start with as much as you can stomach and add more quantity gradually. Along with that you can have Endura mass gain powder or any other such supplement, but do not ignore the diet, else you will gain nothing. Besides this cut out any cardio activity that you maybe doing like playing sports, running, etc and focus only on lifting heavy weights for best results. You can still play your favourite sport, but restrict it to once a week or so.


HI Myself ravi 21,my dad is suffering from polyps,as he is not able to breathe properly,even not abl to have proper sleep,from last few years,plz suggest me what to do. Reply soon. RAVI RAJ 8123467660

By: Ravi Raj 16 Dec, 2011


Hi Ravi, sorry to hear about your dad’s condition. However I am sorry to inform that this is a medical problem that needs to be treated by a qualified doctor, and I will not be of any help in this matter. So kindly suggest your family doctor, and he can refer you to someone who deals with such problems.


hello, i am 15 year old and 5 feet. my weight is 63 kg. i go to gym and workout for 1 hour. can you tell me diet to reduce weight and to increase height. thank you.

By: Anonymous 13 Dec, 2011


Hi there. At 15, you should not really be thinking about “dieting”, you are too young for that. Just think about eating healthy and you will do great. Cut out the junk foods from your diet like ice creams, soda drinks, fast foods, fried foods, and foods cooked in maida. Add more lean meats, green veggies, dal, to your diet and keep the portions moderate and you will start losing weight. Of course you can eat your favourite junk foods once a week or so, but stay away from them for most of the week.


hi i am amit age 34, i am doing intense cardio & strength training for the last 4 years, 3 hrs a day & 5 days in a week. I am physically fit & muscular body. But i have a problem that i take 2 times break of 5 to 10 minutes during daily fitness schedule where i take cigarette with tea as i think it increase my concentration & intensity during training otherwise i will be flattered in 1 hrs. i rarely smoke other times. can u help me in this regard?

By: Amit Sinha 11 Dec, 2011


Hi Amiit. To begin with I would like to talk about my fear that you maybe overtraining with the amount of training that you have mentioned. 3 hours of training done 5 days a week is something that is done by professional athletes, who’s lifestyles are optimized to only train day in and day out. For the rest of us in my opinion training 3-5 days a week for 45-90 minutes is more than enough, and longer durations of training done over a long period of time have often been reported to cause a lot of wear and tear injuries, mood swings, depressed hormonal profile, heart problems, etc.

There is a high chance that your training may be based around lifting light to moderate weights for high reps, and cardio done at slower intensities for long durations. This again is known to cause all the problems that I mentioned earlier. If that is the way you train, then you can simply do some heavy lifting for fewer sets where you lift heavy weights which you can mange no more than 10 reps with, and add some sprinting, intense sports, etc to get the same or probably better results in lesser training time, so that your health is not compromised in the long run.

As far as your question about smoking is concerned, well, I believe you must be aware that smoking and training for good health do not go along very well. The fact that you feel you must smoke to be able to train is all in your mind, because smoking has not been shown to positively influence physical capacity in anyways. As I said that if you train smarter and train no more than 45-60 minutes on most occasions, you will not even need to take a break, as you will finish your workouts before you start getting seriously tired.


hii Arnav, i am kuresh of 20. my height is 5ft 6inch & weight 58kg. i want to increase my height plz suggets me the most effective tips to increase my height. i also waana kno r the medicine in chemist shop for height growth usefull? plz rply soon..

By: Anonymous 07 Dec, 2011


Hi Kuresh. To be honest one’s height is determined genetically, and it really cannot be increased or decreased with any pill or exercise. What you can do is to try and be as tall as you can by keeping a straight spine when you sit and stand to make you appear taller. Some spine stretching exercises too could be useful in improving your posture.


Hi this is ravi, i am 21 year old, my height is 165cm, i want to increase my height plz help me.

By: Anonymous 06 Dec, 2011


Hi Ravi. I am sorry but there is no real known method to help adults increase their actual height. You can however work on improving your posture which will make you appear taller.


hi.. i am 20 years old.. i have gad severe migraine and i was given a totally wrong treatment which included steroids.. i was 50 one and half year back but after the heavy dose of steroids i am 70.. will i again come back to my original weight?

By: Anonymous 06 Dec, 2011


Hi there. Sorry to hear about your wrong treatment. Weight gain after using certain steroids is very common. Assuming that you have stopped taking the steroid, you can certainly start losing weight if you start exercising and eating better. Whatever hormonal changes the steroids created can be negated by exercise and a good diet which will help bring your weight down for sure.


Hi I am 23 years old , 5.8 inch height.I am a software engineer.My weight is 70 kg.My upper body or chest and back of the chest as well as waist is full of fat.Can u help me to reduce my weight and make a fit body.

By: Apu Das 02 Dec, 2011


Hi Apu. It seems that your chest and back are the preferred areas for your body to store fat. the best way to combat it is with regular exercise and proper diet. Start by doing 3 strength training sessions a week followed by 15-20 minutes of cardio. You can add another 1-2 days of cardio like rope jumping or running to burn further calories. A good weight training routine could be like the one in this article- http://healthmeup.com/news-weight-loss/5-reasons-why-your-fat-loss-training-is-not-working/3406. A good diet will be as follows:

Breakfast- oats, banana, almonds or walnuts, 1 whole egg
Lunch- 1-2 roti, lean meat or dal, raw or boiled veggies
Evening snack- nuts, apple and green tea
Dinner- 1-2 roti, fish or paneer, raw or boiled veggies

The amounts for the meals should be enough to satisfy you but still leave a little space empty in your stomach.


Hey Arnav. My name is Bhavana and im 31 yrs old. My problem is im thin but have gained abdonimal fat. I dont eat any junk food nor sweets. But yes i do eat lot of rice. Is that a problem? Also i need to know what kind of exerises i need to do for this particular fat? Thank you.

By: Bhavna Naveen 01 Dec, 2011


Hi Bhavna. From what you have written you seem to be what is called “skinny fat”, that is not heavy on the scale, but not very toned either. The best way to correct this will be to start strength training and sprinting. 3 strength training sessions with another 1-2 sprinting sessions will be best to burn the fat and tone your body. A good routine will be like the one in this article- http://www.sarkartraining.net/2011/09/10-reasons-why-you-must-lift-weights-to.html. As far as rice is concerned, if you have a lot of it then yes, it could lead to weight gain. A good option would be to switch to rotis, and brown rice instead of white. Again keep the servings moderate and don’t eat too much at one go.


hi arnav ,i m 22 n 5.10 n my problem is that i want shed some kilos from my belly . i m a student of engg. n dont get time to workout....so do the needful to me n suggest some ways to reduce weight..???

By: Anonymous 01 Dec, 2011


Hi there. Unfortunately without exercise it would not be realistic to expect a flatter stomach. That does not mean that you need to train 3 hours in a gym and cannot train at your home and get some quick and effective workouts. In this article you will find some good bodyweight workouts that you can do at home with no added equipments- http://healthmeup.com/news-diet-fitness/bodyweight-workouts-for-fat-loss/4265

Besides that, make sure that you follow a good diet where you get adequate fiber, protein, and healthy fats, and also to keep the meal sizes moderate to cut belly fat.



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