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Malti Bhojwani - Life Coach -   

Malti Bhojwani is the founder of Multi Coaching International, a Professional Certified Life Coach, (ICF) NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and an author. She has been involved in personal development and transformation for over 12 years.

Her clients, who range from executives, businessmen and women, housewives, life coaches, artists, teenagers and corporate groups internationally have experienced weight loss, higher income, new business ventures and the ability to cultivate healthy relationships. Many have also overcome phobias, reignited lost passions, found partners and replaced... more

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hi im a 33yr old man im 5ft 8in tall and 335lbs i have never been this fat before in fact all the way up to age 30 i was never more than 185lbs i had a little bit of a belly but it was never bigger than 33in around even though i ate whatever i wanted until i turned 30 after then i started fattening up alot even though i had,nt changed anything in my daily life or my diet and now im steadily getting fatter by atleast 5lbs per week but have gained as much as 12.1/2 lbs in a week but my average is 7lbs a week my belly has BALOONED to 67in around im actualy so fat i cant put on my sox or shoes myself and at this rate all i have to look forward to is getting fatter and fatter until im stuck in a bed thats a brite future thats full of misery. What happened to me how did i get this big and why am i still growing fatter everyday is there anyway to stop this or do i have to live like a beached wale knowing that each day i only getting closer to being a blimp thats stuck in bed REPORT

By: Anonymous 08 Dec, 2013


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