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10 Foods Men Should Eat for Fertility

By  posted May 4th 2015 | IN Diet & Fitness

40 percent of all fertility problems are experienced by men. Factors like age or certain health issues can hinder and delay a man’s fertility. A balanced diet plays an important role not only in helping one achieve overall health, but also in boosting fertility. Studies have shown a direct relationship between poor eating habits and poor sperm quality and low sperm count. Men who eat fewer fruits and vegetables are more likely to suffer from these problems. Men should add the following fertility foods to their diet to increase their odds of conceiving a baby.  View Slideshow »

Are Wheat Pizzas, Frozen Yogurt and Salads Healthy?

By  posted May 3rd 2015 | IN Diet & Fitness

Fast food joints are mushrooming in every city in India, big or small. And the impact is felt and seen with the rising number of people diagnosed with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Yet we take solace in grilled burgers, frozen yogurts and salads at major fast food outlets like McDonalds, Subway and KFC - all in a bid to eat healthier when eating out. But are these fast food options really healthy? Let's find out... *Images courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty Images  View Slideshow »

15 Thirst Quenching Foods to Keep You Hydrated All Summer

By  posted May 3rd 2015 | IN Diet & Fitness

Imagine entering home after a 20 minute walk in the scorching summer sun. What is the first thing you do? Walk up to the fridge to pour yourself a chilled glass of apple juice? Or maybe an energy drink to cool you down? Let us break it down to what you just did. In an attempt to quench your thirst, you just consumed an average of 115 empty calories that could have been avoided by just drinking plain water or better, choosing a nutrient filled summer food that could have done the same sans the empty calories. To avoid such mindless calorie intake, here are a few thirst quenching foods to keep you hydrated all summer.  View Slideshow »

Hard Core: How to Build Core Strength

By  posted Apr 30th 2015 | IN Diet & Fitness

Core strength is a serious business guys. It is much more than a six pack and it takes more than crunches and leg raises to power up your core. This is the time to smash all your misconceptions about your core and understand the real concepts of core strengthening.  Continue Reading »

Improve Your Posture in Just 15 Minutes

By  posted Apr 30th 2015 | IN Diet & Fitness

If you tend to slouch, people repeatedly telling you to stand straight is not going to help you improve your posture. Unless you build neck, shoulder and back strength, you will stand straight for a minute or two, and then you will go back to slouching once again. So how can you build strength? Exercise is the answer, but most people dread exercise and put it off as much as possible. So here is a 15 minute workout with some easy moves.  View Slideshow »

5 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Arms with Yoga

By  posted Apr 28th 2015 | IN Diet & Fitness

People usually go to the gym to beef up their biceps and strengthen their upper bodies. If you think you can only build strength in the gym, think again! Yoga can help you gain arm strength the right way, without going to the gym! All you have to do is shift your energy to the required place, with a focused mind.  Continue Reading »

15 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Eat Pineapples

By  posted Apr 25th 2015 | IN Diet & Fitness

Loaded with vitamins A and C, fibre, potassium, phosphorous and calcium, pineapples offer a wide range of health benefits. The best part about this sweet, salty and tangy fruit is its versatility. One can have it in any form like juicing it or adding it to fruit salads and other desserts.  View Slideshow »

Health Benefits of Gardening

By  posted Apr 23rd 2015 | IN Diet & Fitness

We find tranquillity and healing in nature, and benefit from its relaxing qualities. Gardening can be a very gratifying activity for old and young alike. Research shows that gardening in particular is associated with mental well-being and physical benefits.  Continue Reading »

Healthy Tips for Kids This Summer

By  posted Apr 23rd 2015 | IN Diet & Fitness

It's summer time! For children, it is just the start of an exciting summer vacation. They tend to spend more time and energy outdoors, ignoring their health and safety. Though parents want their kids to make the most of their holidays, they are always concerned about their child's safety and health. By following the guidelines below, parents can ensure a fun, safe and healthy summer for their children.  View Slideshow »

Health Benefits of Tapioca (Sabudana)

By  posted Apr 22nd 2015 | IN Diet & Fitness

Sabudana, or tapioca, is a favourite breakfast and evening snack option in Indian households. Sabudana khichdi, sabudana pakoda or sabudana kheer are served at Indian dinner tables quite often. Apart from food, it is also commonly used to starch clothes. Here, we tell you about the other health benefits this food has to offer.  Continue Reading »


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