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Shweta Agrawal

Shweta Agrawal

She has always been a foodie, she can talk endlessly about food. She writes on MerryTummy - a collection of easy to exotic recipes. She grew up helping her mother in the kitchen which was instrumental in developing her basics and knowledge about spices. When she was getting married, she was told - 'a way to man's heart is through his stomach',  but she felt it is important to keep his heart healthy too; thus she likes to eat right and choose the healthy substitutes. Apart from cooking, she loves to travel and try out different cuisines with her partner.

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By  Posted  Jul 26th 2013 | IN

Vegetable parathas are a delicious and nutritious traditional Indian bread made with fresh vegetables and whole wheat flour. If you dont like eating vegetables, then this recipe is perfect for you as it has a healthy mix of veggies and...Read more »

By  Posted  Aug 6th 2013 | IN

Fried chana dal is a popular snack in India but it is fried in oil and so high in calories. So, we have come out with a healthy tasty version of the same. Now you can munch on some crunchy dal guilt free.Read more »

By  Posted  Aug 16th 2013 | IN

Cucumber is packed with vitamins and minerals, has a high water content and is only 15 calories per 100 grams and has zero cholesterol or fats. While mint soothes your digestive tract and also eliminates toxins from the body. So if...Read more »

By  Posted  Aug 30th 2013 | IN

Couscous is a healthy food. The calorie content in 1 cup of couscous is 176 calories, or 9 per cent of a standard 2,000-calorie diet and the fibre content in 1 cup of cooked couscous is 2.2 gms or 9 per cent of daily recommended 25 gms....Read more »

By  Posted  Sep 22nd 2013 | IN

Most of us avoid deep fried snacks and instead choose healthy options. One such healthy snack is Muthiya - a Guajarati dish of steam cooked dumplings with the goodness of vegetables.Read more »

By  Posted  Sep 26th 2013 | IN

Amla is the most potent natural source of Vitamin C. In fact, this tiny fruit has as much Vitamin C as two oranges. Just like most berries, it is low in sugar and high in fibre, making it an ideal daily fruit for almost anyone.Read more »

By  Posted  Oct 1st 2013 | IN

Give old potatoes tikki a miss. Try out this healthy mint and paneer patties for any occasion.Read more »

By  Posted  Oct 14th 2013 | IN

These vegetarian kebabs are very healthy and rich in protein and can be served with coriander and mint (pudina) chutney. It makes for a perfect vegetarian snack idea for parties.Read more »

By  Posted  Nov 3rd 2013 | IN

All of us like having Mathri for Diwali but the only problem is that its fried and thus unhealthy. This Diwali try baked Mathris without having to worry about weight gain.Read more »

By  Posted  Nov 9th 2013 | IN

If you are fond of eating pickles but hate those oil dripping ones, why not try this healthy, tomato pickled chutney enriched with vitamin C, as tomatoes are packed with vitamin C, which can boost immunity and keep you healthy.Read more »


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