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Sasha Gusain

An ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Sasha is a fitness writer and editor for HealthyLivingIndia.org, and HealthMeUp.com. After breaking her back over traditional media and other paper pushing jobs, she decided to go after her first love – sports and fitness. Sasha believes that fitness is about the here and now and that it is achievable through practical application to daily life. Her words: Motivation and hard work make any dream achievable.

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20 Best Workout Snacks [Fitness Foods]

By  Posted  Sep 7th 2014 | IN

How many times have you started a workout only to realize 10 minutes into it that youre tired and hungry? How many times has your intensity suffered because you didnt eat anything good before lacing up? If workout snacks confuse you, look...Read more »

Nut Butters for Power Snacks

By  Posted  Aug 25th 2014 | IN

Peanut butter is a high performance snack that will give you more performance for the same calorie count found in other low-nutritious foods. So if two tablespoons of peanut butter give you about 200 calories, you'll stay full a lot...Read more »

Play a Sport - Burn Calories

By  Posted  Aug 17th 2014 | IN

Many years ago, when we didnt bother with calorie counts, ate every thing, and didnt crash diet, we used to play sports for fun. There was no concept of clocking in endless, boring gym hours into a bottomless pit called weight control. We...Read more »

A Hearty Stew for the Monsoon

By  Posted  Jul 19th 2014 | IN

With heavy rains lashing across nearly all parts of India, it's time to indulge in some hot and steaming, stew goodness. A good stew is perhaps one of the healthiest cravings you will experience in good weather. The rich aromas of...Read more »

Bored of Your Workouts? Here's Why

By  Posted  Jul 17th 2014 | IN

Clocking endless hours at the gym isnt fun when the very thought of lacing up makes you yawn in despair. Even those dance classes you joined in order to shape up the fun way, seem monotonous now. A few sessions into the next fitness fad...Read more »

The 60 Day Plan: How to Decide Your Daily Diet

By  Posted  Jul 6th 2014 | IN

When we consider which diets to follow, two things come to mind 1. What is the purpose behind this diet? And 2. Which are the basic dietary rules that everyone, no matter what purpose or source, needs to follow each day? To answer these...Read more »

Healthy Cookies for Snacks

By  Posted  Apr 11th 2014 | IN

Cakes and cookies are the first to go when we start eating sensibly. What if we told you that you don't need to give up on cookies during snack time? All you have to do is eat the right cookies. Here's a recipe that blends in...Read more »

Mango Recipes to Beat the Heat

By  Posted  Apr 5th 2014 | IN

The mango season has just begun and while a juicy mango is a delicious summer treat by itself, here's a roundup of some great summer recipes with mangoes. From pancakes to sherbets, smoothies and more, mangoes are your new best...Read more »

Healthy Chicken Curry Recipe for Fitness Enthusiasts

By  Posted  Mar 16th 2014 | IN

Many see chicken curries as an indulgence that they may only enjoy once in a while due to the oil and cream involved. However, while popular preparations of chicken curries might be unhealthy and fattening, it is possible to prepare a...Read more »

Healthy Paneer Dishes in Seconds

By  Posted  Mar 9th 2014 | IN

Paneer, or Indian cottage cheese, is much loved by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. At just about 220 calories per 100gms, paneer is also a healthy source of calcium, protein and essential enzymes. But most of us end up cooking...Read more »


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