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Malti Bhojwani


Malti Bhojwani is the founder of Multi Coaching International, a Professional Certified Life Coach, (ICF) NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and an author. She has been involved in personal development and transformation for over 12 years, by life coaching using her empathetic enquiry which leads her clients to personal empowerment, fulfilled goals and consistent success. 


Her clients, who range from executives, businessmen and women, housewives, life coaches, artists, teenagers and corporate groups internationally have experienced weight loss, higher income, new business ventures and the ability to cultivate healthy relationships. Many have also overcome phobias, reignited lost passions, found partners and replaced disempowering habits. Having been an obese kid growing up herself, been through an early marriage and divorce and motherhood, she brings to her coaching the empathy and wisdom of experience.


Malti was born in Singapore in May 1971, lived in Jakarta for many years, though she spent most of her adult life in Sydney, Australia. Malti has recently made Mumbai her home where she coaches internationally by phone and Skype, regularly writes for various on and offline publications as an expert coach and is constantly working on ways to support people in the journey of self actualization, manifesting desires and being grateful. Her Youtube channel hosts a collection of videos where she personally explains various angles in personal development and she is developing a software called the VLC – Virtual Life Coach. 



Published work:

“Thankfulness Appreciation Gratitude – My Journal”  - Om Books International – 2011

“#YOUniverse - Manifesting Your Desires”  - 12 Steps to living the life you desire” – Om Books International -June 2012


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How to Improve Your Body Image

By  Posted  Jul 12th 2011 | IN

Your body image is in your head and not your body. There have been many large movements internationally to help people re-learn that a great body image is not about having a stereotypically thin body or a six-pack. Sure if that is really...Read more »

How to Control Festival Food Cravings

By  Posted  Sep 5th 2011 | IN

The worst thing you can do is to have an all or nothing attitude. Just because you are going out every night and you will nibble on a little bit of the extra sweet, extra rich and extra oily foods, does not mean you have to throw in the...Read more »

How to Live Happy and Be Heart Healthy

By  Posted  Oct 1st 2011 | IN

Being unhappy is the worst thing you can do for your heart. Smoking, over-eating, drinking to numb the pain, living a highly stressed life, eating meals that are high in fat, burying yourself into your work - are all ways to make yourself...Read more »

Is Your Lifestyle Making You Fat?

By  Posted  Dec 5th 2011 | IN

The simple answer is yes. The coaching model and perspective we need to consider is called Be-Do-Have. Generally, people believe that if we had something that we wanted, we will be able to do what we like and then only can we be happy. For...Read more »

How to Beat Emotional Weight Gain: Part One

By  Posted  Jan 21st 2012 | IN

The weight battle is not one of just your weight but it is one of self esteem, body image and general self love. Language is very important and when everything else has failed, then you could look at your language as another tool to help...Read more »

How to Beat Emotional Weight Gain: Part Two

By  Posted  Jan 22nd 2012 | IN

Once you have decided that weight loss is something you truly desire and you have identified your reasons, then the next step is to manage the language you use in your own self-talk about it. In addition to the chronic conditions we are...Read more »

How Posture Affects Your Looks

By  Posted  Mar 4th 2012 | IN

When you have good posture, you walk with more ease and grace. Think of all the beautiful divas you see on the red carpet and the silver screen, boasting long lean necklines, head held straight, shoulders square, not shrugging up or...Read more »

Mental Health: Meditation Through Visualization

By  Posted  Mar 25th 2012 | IN

Life Coach Malti Bhojwani takes us through the technique of visualization and how it can help us meditate effectively, and in a way that we can affect positive change in our lives. Move a step closer to realizing your life's goals and...Read more »

Tricks to Stop Binge Drinking

By  Posted  Apr 2nd 2012 | IN

The term "binge drinking" refers to drinking heavily over a short period of time with the intention of becoming severely intoxicated. It can be harmful in a number of ways. It may put a person at risk of alcohol poisoning, which...Read more »

Expert Action Plan for Developing Healthy Habits

By  Posted  Apr 17th 2012 | IN

As you know, most things that you do once in a while will not really affect your life or your health in an impactful way, it is what you do regularly that will. The results we have is a sum total of the habits we follow. We each have 24...Read more »


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