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Malti Bhojwani


Malti Bhojwani is the founder of Multi Coaching International, a Professional Certified Life Coach, (ICF) NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and an author. She has been involved in personal development and transformation for over 12 years, by life coaching using her empathetic enquiry which leads her clients to personal empowerment, fulfilled goals and consistent success. 


Her clients, who range from executives, businessmen and women, housewives, life coaches, artists, teenagers and corporate groups internationally have experienced weight loss, higher income, new business ventures and the ability to cultivate healthy relationships. Many have also overcome phobias, reignited lost passions, found partners and replaced disempowering habits. Having been an obese kid growing up herself, been through an early marriage and divorce and motherhood, she brings to her coaching the empathy and wisdom of experience.


Malti was born in Singapore in May 1971, lived in Jakarta for many years, though she spent most of her adult life in Sydney, Australia. Malti has recently made Mumbai her home where she coaches internationally by phone and Skype, regularly writes for various on and offline publications as an expert coach and is constantly working on ways to support people in the journey of self actualization, manifesting desires and being grateful. Her Youtube channel hosts a collection of videos where she personally explains various angles in personal development and she is developing a software called the VLC – Virtual Life Coach. 



Published work:

“Thankfulness Appreciation Gratitude – My Journal”  - Om Books International – 2011

“#YOUniverse - Manifesting Your Desires”  - 12 Steps to living the life you desire” – Om Books International -June 2012


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How to Get Rid of the Marriage Kilos

By  Posted  Mar 18th 2013 | IN

Months before the wedding, most brides and grooms and close family increase their exercise routine, watch their food and go on serious diets to look their best on their wedding. Once the festivities begin, through sheer excitement and...Read more »

How to Overcome the Fear of Failure

By  Posted  Nov 21st 2012 | IN

There are no failures in life, only results and lessons learnt. The way you look at it makes all the difference in being able to move forward courageously. When you change your view of life to be bigger and wider, you will realise that no...Read more »

Improve Your Life By Building Self-Efficacy

By  Posted  Nov 20th 2012 | IN

Albert Bandura refers to self-efficacy as the strength of an individuals belief that he or she can successfully perform a given activity. The concept of self-efficacy has often been used interchangeably with the concept of self-esteem when...Read more »

How to Make Healthy Decisions

By  Posted  Jul 6th 2012 | IN

How badly do you want it? What are you willing to do in order to have it? If you want to live a healthy life, age gracefully, stay far away from illnesses, feel and look great, what will it take? Would healthy nutrition, exercise,...Read more »

Healthy Living for Single People

By  Posted  Jun 4th 2012 | IN

Complete health is not just achieved by a healthy diet and fitness regime, but it also involves being connected spiritually, having a sense of community and being able to express your love and creativity, single or not. Tender loving care...Read more »

What Is Mindful Exercise?

By  Posted  May 21st 2012 | IN

Mindful exercise focuses your awareness on your body as you workout, whether it is walking, yoga, pilates, dance, it is the bringing of your mind and thoughts to the parts of your body and your breathing rather than thinking of something...Read more »

Healthy Relationships: Are You Intimate with Your Partner?

By  Posted  May 11th 2012 | IN

When you are able to share of yourself with no fear of judgement or disapproval and need for approval, this is intimacy. When you feel open and welcome to touch your partner whenever you want to, that is intimacy and when you share an...Read more »

Weight Gain Habits to Avoid

By  Posted  Apr 28th 2012 | IN

Habits can't be broken, they need to be replaced. Indulging in a chocolate cake once in a while or having a day on the couch with your chips or pakodas is not going to make you unfit, however doing it every single day, will! Here are...Read more »

Life Coach Advice: What Are You Resisting?

By  Posted  Apr 24th 2012 | IN

What is it that you are resisting? Are you procrastinating something? Exercise, health check, changing your eating habits? With breast cancer awareness campaigns going rampant, have you taken heed? When was the last time you went for a...Read more »

How to Control Mood Swings

By  Posted  Apr 22nd 2012 | IN

We all have times when we are just not in a good mood. When we truly feel awful and hopeless. This is when, no matter how many self-help books or authors you follow, or personal development trainings you attend or how much spirituality you...Read more »


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