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Best of the Week: 5 Amazing Uses of Red Wine in Your Skincare Routine

By  Posted  Aug 29th 2014 | IN

If you've missed our riveting articles understanding your babys kicks, 5 amazing uses of red wine in your skincare routine, mental benefits of physical exercise, pins and needles and health benefits of squash, then catch up on our...Read more »

Best of the Week: The Ice Bucket Challenge

By  Posted  Aug 22nd 2014 | IN

If you've missed our riveting articles on how to set a target weight, youll never again leave your house without sunscreen after you see this video, the ice bucket challenge, white bread vs. brown bread: which bread is healthier and 5...Read more »

Best of the Week: Why You Should Stop Eating at Your Desk

By  Posted  Aug 16th 2014 | IN

If you've missed our riveting articles on what happens when a woman asks some random strangers for condoms, why you should stop eating at your desk, introducing kaiwa the new supergrain in the market increasing breast size naturally...Read more »

RoundUp: Are You A Neurotic? Check Your Facebook Photo Usage

By  Posted  Aug 15th 2014 | IN

There are several studies on various health-related topics, which get published daily, but there are some, which have caught our attention for either their wackiness or their genuine opinion on health and fitness. Either way, they are...Read more »

The 30 Minute Home Workout

By  Posted  Aug 11th 2014 | IN

We have our woes of not making it to our gyms amidst the rainy season chaos, but fret not. Here's a short 15 minute home workout that will tide you over, so that your 2014 fitness resolve doesn't melt away. This workout is based...Read more »

Super Foods for Gorgeous Skin

By  Posted  Aug 9th 2014 | IN

If smooth, glowing skin has evaded you all your life, then you're in luck. Geetha G H, Consultant Registered Dietician, Certified Diabetes Educator and Exercise & Sports Nutritionist of over 10 years, tells you how super foods can...Read more »

Best of the Week: Tips to Improve Memory

By  Posted  Aug 8th 2014 | IN

If you've missed our riveting articles on fruits for iron deficiency, amazing tips to keep mosquitoes away, effectiveness of female condom, why is white bread bad for you and tips to improve memory, and how to use a female condom,...Read more »

Best of the Week: Natural Remedies for Smelly Feet

By  Posted  Aug 1st 2014 | IN

If you've missed our riveting articles on natural remedies for smelly feet, workout video for abs of steel, homemade skincare recipes for glowing skin, 8 small health changes that will make a big difference to your life, and how to...Read more »

Why You Should Use Wet Wipes

By  Posted  Jul 30th 2014 | IN

Sanitization and hygiene is an enormous issue in India and has been lacking due attention for a long time. The varied climatic conditions in India is suitable for spread of germs causing illness and aliments. Here's why you should...Read more »

Understanding Headaches: Treat Regular Headaches Naturally

By  Posted  Jul 28th 2014 | IN

Headaches are seldom attached to any serious or debilitating health conditions but that doesn't mean you take this debilitating condition lightly. Regularly occurring headaches require attention and habits that can subside the...Read more »


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