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Art of Living

Art of Living

Founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,The Art of Living Foundation is a not-for-profit, educational and humanitarian NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) engaged in stress-management and service initiatives. The organisation operates globally in 152 countries.


The organisation's programs are guided by Sri Sri’s philosophy of peace: “Unless we have a stress-free mind and a violence-free society, we cannot achieve world Peace.” To help individuals get rid of stress and experience inner peace, The Art of Living offers stress-elimination programs which include breathing techniques, meditation and yoga. These programs have helped millions around the world to overcome stress, depression and violent tendencies.


The Art of Living Foundation has spread peace across communities through diverse humanitarian projects, including conflict resolution, disaster relief, sustainable rural development, empowerment of women, prisoner rehabilitation, education for all, and environmental sustainability.

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Yoga and Ayurveda To Fight Irritable Bowel Syndrome

By Art of Living  Posted  Mar 4th 2014 at 6:30AM | Rated   IN

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a physical disorder that causes prolonged abdominal pain or discomfort, bloating, and abnormal bowel movements including constipation and diarrhea. Classified as a gastrointestinal tract disorder, it can...Read more »

Yoga for Backache: Strength and Healing Through Yoga

By Art of Living  Posted  Jan 1st 2014 at 12:30PM | Rated   IN

Do you find your hand often reaching out for your upper back? Unconsciously wanting to soothe it and ease a slight, pulsating pain? You could be in the middle of a kitchen chore or bending over a colleagues desk at work and are suddenly...Read more »

Yoga Exercises: Healing Scoliosis with Yoga

By Art of Living  Posted  Dec 24th 2013 at 6:30AM | Rated   IN

The human spine is formed of multiple vertebrae, which protect and support the spinal cord. This set of bones enable us to stand in an upright position. Scoliosis, is a condition, wherein the individual's spine is not straight but is...Read more »

Six Yoga Poses for Strong, Toned Arms

By Art of Living  Posted  Nov 30th 2013 at 6:00AM | Rated   IN

What most people dont know is that yoga is one of the best ways to build upper-body strength and the best part is that you do not have to spend a lot of time at the gym lifting weights to get rid of your flabby arms. Instead, you can...Read more »

Yoga: CrossFit Better with Yoga

By Art of Living  Posted  Nov 22nd 2013 at 7:30AM | Rated   IN

Working out in the gym is now pass. Instead, CrossFit is the latest workout trend. If you are clueless about what CrossFit is, it is a fitness programme started more than a decade ago in the USA, which is now being practiced by millions...Read more »

Yoga: 6 Yoga Postures to Beat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

By Art of Living  Posted  Oct 29th 2013 at 7:30AM | Rated   IN

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can wreak havoc in one's life and must be dealt with carefully. Today, people suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder are encouraged to rely not only on medication and therapy, but also on...Read more »

Meditation: 10 Myths about Meditation

By Art of Living  Posted  Sep 14th 2013 at 7:30AM | Rated   IN

With close to six billion minds active from moment to moment, there are endless streams of thoughts on every aspect of creation. Some thoughts perceive reality the way it is and some are imagination. While there are myths about many...Read more »

Yoga Postures: Yoga Postures to Prevent Hair Loss

By Art of Living  Posted  May 28th 2013 at 7:30AM | Rated   IN

For both men and women, hair is their crowning glory and hair loss their worst enemy. Yoga can help you prevent hair loss. Practice these yoga poses regularly to grow back your lost hair.Read more »

Yoga Benefits: What is Yoga Breathing or Pranayama?

By Art of Living  Posted  May 20th 2013 at 6:30AM | Rated   IN

After a stressful day at work, every one of us would love to experience a relaxed meditative state that relieves us from our truckload of tensions and worries. Yoga breathing or Pranayama aims at bringing the involuntary functions of the...Read more »

Yoga: Hip Toning Yoga Asanas

By Art of Living  Posted  Apr 7th 2013 at 6:30AM | Rated   IN

The hips are taken to task along with the back on those long work hours; this can cause stiffness in the hips. Exercising without proper stretches, body joint problems and back injuries can also cause stiffness in the hips. The stiffness...Read more »


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