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Rest as Crucial as Exercise for Fitness

By  Posted  Aug 16th 2014 | IN

Brief rests, alternating with bouts of exercise, are crucial in maintaining fitness, allowing muscles to recover and help shape up the body faster, says a new study.Read more »

Laughing Fit: Top 8 Funny Sports Pictures

By  Posted  Jun 27th 2014 | IN

Sports can increase your heart rate, whether you are a participant or part of the audience. But in a world of SLRs and DSLRs every moment is captured. Thats where we get these top 8 sports pictures that will have you rolling of the floor.Read more »

Laughing Fit: Spiderman Runs for Indian Elections

By  Posted  Apr 18th 2014 | IN

Far from New York city, Spiderman runs for Indian elections. We catch up with this super hero, who filed his nomination as an independent candidate. Watch out as he charms Mumbai city.Read more »

Laughing Fit: Funny Pictures in Sports

By  Posted  Apr 11th 2014 | IN

We have collated some of the funniest moments in different sporting events from around the world. So, sit back, relax and have a good laugh.Read more »

Laughing Fit: Weird Things People Do

By  Posted  Mar 7th 2014 | IN

We may live monotonous and regular lives, but then there are people who take things to the other level. Here is some documented proof of people captured in weird and unusual scenarios.Read more »

Laughing Fit: Santa Spotting Around the World

By  Posted  Dec 27th 2013 | IN

Most of us were told as children that Santa Claus generally climbs down the chimney and leaves gifts for us. But, if you are in need of a little humour, then here are our top 5 funny Santa Claus pictures from around the world.Read more »

Laughing Fit: Funny & Unusual Images

By  Posted  Nov 22nd 2013 | IN

A selection of the best unusual Reuters Pictures of the year. Reuters produces up to 2,000 images a day covering top news, sport, entertainment and features from all over the world.Read more »

Extreme Food: Unusual Foods from Across the World

By  Posted  Sep 15th 2013 | IN

Life is not only about rice and curry. Different countries and regions have unusual delicacies that may cause your stomach to churn, but are considered delicacies by the locals. Think you have what it takes to stomach these local delights?Read more »

Laughing Fit: Best Funny Pictures in Sports

By  Posted  Sep 6th 2013 | IN

Cameras are everywhere and capture every moment, here are some of our favourite moments and funny ones too from the sporting world.Read more »

Working Shifts up Miscarriage Risk in Women

By  Posted  Jul 11th 2013 | IN

A new study suggests that working shift patterns is associated with an increased risk of menstrual disruption and subfertility in women.Read more »


Health Star Of The Week

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After losing all that weight, Prasad has a new dilemma, a happy one. He has to buy new...

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Sex Talk

Foreskin Facts: Understanding the Functions Of The Male Foreskin

The foreskin is a retractable roll of skin that covers and protects the glans, or head of...

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Super Foods for Gorgeous Skin

If smooth, glowing skin has evaded you all your life, then you're in luck. Geetha G H,...

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